Little Black Dress ( AVON )

Hello lovely people ! 🙂

How is summer treating you?Well,I am having a hard time keeping myself fresh in this hot windy weather which is why I always carry this little cute bottle of fragrance Little Black Dress by Avon which is a Oriental fragrance for women.I have been using it since many years and like every other must have LBD ,this is a must have scent for me.


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It was launched in way back 2001 but I ever since I used it ,I have always made repurchase for this one as it is an evergreen savior for me.
The Top notes are cyclamen, coriander, african ginger, apricot blossom and honeysuckle; middle notes are gardenia, ylang-ylang, pink peony, jasmine and datura; base notes are sandalwood, tonka bean, musk, japanese plum and woody notes.

I found it completely ambrosial.It surprised me as inspite for my liking towards stronger aroma ,I liked its balanced fragrance of sweet and floral.It is beautiful and classy.Very feminine. It’s not too over-powering and is brilliant for everyday wear which lasts up-to pretty long for 8 hours.It is on a sophisticated side and little musky.

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This Eau De Parfum comes in a transparent glass bottle.I am a very happy user of this perfume as you can notice by looking at the half-empty bottle in the picture,let me know what do you think about it? 🙂 And forget to follow and like the blog if you are happy with this review.I will be looking forward for some suggestions too. 🙂




Price : ₹1275 for 100ml

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Review of June Fabbag ( Ombre Leather )

Hey guys! 🙂

I am back with the review of June Fabbag .It is basically a subscription bag from which offer you samples from different beauty and skin care brands that you can try before actually purchasing the whole product .Kind of money saving amazing, Right? And this month’s theme is Take Charge which is pretty motivating especially for a lazy person like me 😉

You can also subscribe it for some monthly pampering at  Click here and receive 10% off as bonus on your first fabbag.:*

This month’s bag is in dark purple ombre shade made from leather fabric .I like it very much since its lots more handy to carry as its wobbly and squashy .Moreover leather texture gives it a very rich look. 😀 (Thumbs up for that)


Contents for this month’s bag :

Well this time instead of usual four products ,I received five .The one was a bonus for Father’s day on 21’st of June.So here is what all I got in this month’s bag.

  1. Cuccio Colour Nail Paint-Manhattan Mayhem
  2. Cuccio naturale Butter Blend
  3. Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25
  4. Ananda Spa Light Moisturizer for Oily Skin
  5. All Good Scents Perfume –Rockstar


Cuccio Colour Nail Paint-Manhattan Mayhem :

This was the only product which came in full size .It is in shiny bright red colour which particularly I was not really impressed with as I like more sort of pastels colours for summer.Moreover the glitters are hard to come off while removing nail paint.

Price : ₹675 for 13ml.


Cuccio naturale Butter Blend :

The sample of 9.24g for milk and honey butter from again Cuccio is in peach color and has a rich creamy texture that can be applied on hands, feet and body . It is lightweight and moisturises the skin well but since the sample was in very less quantity ,I am not sure about its lasting.

Price : ₹2970 for 240grams


Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25 : It was little leaked and dried up when I received it and I was not very happy with the condition of the product .Yet,I am eager to use the mist as they are popular now days for being sweat free which is a must factor for me because of my oily skin.Though I felt it is a little pricey.

Price : ₹980 for 100ml


Ananda Spa Light Moisturiser for Oily Skin :

This product made me little happy as I’ve oily skin and i tend to keep on looking for light moisturisers. This one claims to be paraben free and to make the skin soft and smooth.The moisturiser is in milky white color that has a spicy herbal fragrance (feels like an Ayurvedic medicine). This samplewas again very less in quantity.

Price: ₹1350 for 50 grams.


All Good Scents Perfume-Rockstar :

This was the bonus sample from Fabbag team as Father’s day speciaI.Since I have already used perfumes from All Good Scents ,I had the feeling that this Eau DE Toilette will also be amazing in fragrance and I was not a bit disappointed as it smelled heavenly ,sort of a refreshing sweet smell, with not the scent being too strong.This perfume sample can last upto 3-4 usages.

Price: ₹1500 for 100ml

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Overall ,I was satisfied with this month’s bag.

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Story of Black Dress

Heyya 🙂

Few days back ,I got my hands on this simple yet gorgeous maxi dress from AND by Anita Dongre for some casual meetings outdoors.AND really keeps up with the ongoing trend and their collection of dresses are fabulous which keeps me checking upon them occasionally .They are generally designed for comfortable wearing made up of good materials.

This black maxi dress by AND has beaded paneling on the front in contrast with its colour ,with slits onto sides of the skirt .It carries adjustable straps and has a round neck .:) As it is a little loose for me since I got it in a bigger size unfortunately 😦 but it was taken care by the adjustable straps in the dress.

I carried this outfit in a plain Jane way by pairing it up only with my black wedges and no further accessories around ,though I suggest to carry a studded clutch along with it as it will add a more chic look. 🙂


Picasa 3 10-06-2015 191829.bmp
20150608_154322 1433944391303


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100-20188-000_dtI am an ardent lover of H2O products,they provide me with great results 🙂 .This time I got myself a H2O AQUALIBRIUM DUAL-ACTION EYE MAKEUP REMOVER ,which consists of gentle and delicate ingredients that help me to remove my eye make-up without any harsh rubbing of tissues around my eyes.

20150608_091042 20150608_091205

It only requires a little dab on the cotton pad to remove the make-up,the water kinds of  penetrates the surface layers of the skin to hydrate it , thus it doesn’t irritate the eyes but it is too greasy leaves a film behind so you have to wash your face afterwards.

20150608_091159 20150608_091121

It is best to shake it before use and this one bottle is pretty long lasting as it requires a very little amount and if it is a light make-up then whosshh it is cleaned in simple one swipe .:)


I found it an average buy, considering the price of the product .

The bottle of H2O Plus Aqualibrium Dual Action Eye Make-up Remover for 120 ml is at ₹ 1,050

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REVEAL by Calvin Klein

20150606_094329Reveal ,women’s perfume ,released by Calvin Klein last year September is happens to be sensual,seductive and sexy .


Well I got myself the sample of 1.2 ml of the Eau de Parfum which lasted me longer for around 4-5 uses.


The smell and aura of this fragrance is really intoxicated including notes of raw salt,sandalwood,  cashmeran and musk.

It is warm scent with a masculine touch to it which let your nose tingle with its fragrance,this perfume stays for a longer time on your body for around 8-10 hours a day even after slogging whole day (I vouch for that through my own experience)


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This EDP comes in two packages :

CALVIN KLEIN – Reveal Women EDP 50ml for ₹4500

CALVIN KLEIN – Reveal Women EDP 100ml for ₹5600

whereas this sample can be purchased for travelling purposes. 🙂


Overall it is a really nice launch as women’s perfume by CK since it lingers longer and smells heavenly for my taste.

And ,for the photos,I am still trying my hand at photography *embarrassed*

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Bonjour! 🙂

Since the onset of summer,skin problems are on rise for me :(..and thus here is Seasoul Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask which I highly recommend for all the people with oily skin like me.I got my hand on this mini trial pack from FabBag and this is one good and effective product which showed its results from the first application. 🙂


It can actually be adopted for all skin types from  Dull, Dry & Acne Prone Skin.
It talks about healing the dull & tired skin by infusing essential minerals which nourishes the skin,giving it a rejuvenated & firm look with a natural glow,also it says to Hydrate & Improves Texture of the skin.

Well ,I really liked this product as my skin could go oil free for almost 24 hours after its application without making my face dry.My skin looks clear and glowing after the use.


It came in a wide see-through plastic jar with the all necessary information provided on top and bottom of the product.I have got a 50 ml Sample for ₹ 995 which is why it makes it pricey as It is available in the market for 200 mL at ₹ 3195.



It claims to be parabens and sulfates free,animals-tested free and 100% pure and certified Dead Sea Products.It takes off 10-15 minutes to dry after applying it.As it is a Mud mask ,it has an unpleasant smell and grayish texture but it glides on smoothly at the skin.

20150602_203353 20150602_203332

Overall ,It is a good product. 🙂

May FabBag (Review)

Heyya! 🙂

Its been long since last post *phew*..well that was all because of my exams.Yep,as they are done now ,so I am back to blogging..yayy,And what can be better than putting the post about my May FabBag which I happened to receive yesterday.

May FabBag!

Well this month’s theme is Sun,Sand and Sexy! And what better can be the way of illustrating it than sending all the summer and beach essentials. Kudos to the team for executing it wonderfully! :*

This month’s bag is full of :

1. Be A Bombshell The One Stick
2. Vana Vidhi Oriental Rice Paddy Luxurious Face & Body Scrub
3. SAnd for soapaholics Face Puree
4. Fab Bag Bonus Scarf

You can get one for yourself at Click here


I really liked their bag this time,its blue which brings sort of coolness in this hot weather.And since I am a big Lipstick freak,this Bombshell Onestick has totally awed me .The good part is I got it in my favorable shade of pink :D.An all-in-one multiple stick with a smooth texture.It can be applied as lipstick,blush or a eye shadow.


The bonus scarf came in a pretty pouch ,again which is of my colour but I am not very happy with the scarf that I received.Neither I liked its colour ,moreover it is little rough in texture.


Sand for soapaholics face puree offers a freshness to face after its application ,inspired by home remedies ,it is natural and skin -friendly.Also it is great for tan removal.


The one thing which took me off was the same type of two different products which I belive should have been taken care of while cutomising it.As VANA VIDHI oriental rice paddy face and body scrub is again same as to Sand face puree.Though It is smoother and more organic and can also be applied as a body scrub.


All in all ,this bag is actually sexy for its onestick ,Sandy for the scrubs, and sunny to scarf!

Have a great day! :*

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Love & Joy

Hey Folks!

Summer is here ! And so the sweat and odour coming from it.To keep myself fresh this summer I received this amazing Eae De Parfum, LOVE & JOY from .The best part about them is their timely delivery and word of commitment ofcourse beside the price *smile*.

The bottle of perfume was delivered wrapped in a bubble wrap which kept it safe and sound.189-1193-1

It came in the beautiful package of yellow colour with beautiful cute little butterflies made on it.
This Eau De Parfum is in floral smell.The musky scent of it lingers for a longer period of time on your body which is my favourite part of this perfume.Moreover, its sweet smell soothes your nerves letting yourself relax .The mixture of different flowers creates a refreshing fragrace.It brings a freshness in the ambience letting yourself submerge into its aroma.

Moreover its cute bottle is so handy that it can be carried along with you everywhere. Another plus point is that, it is not tested on animals .


This awing excogitation comes in two sizes of 30 mL and 50 mL .

You can get yourself one from click here

Eyeliner This Summer

Hey fellas! 🙂

It has been a really long time since my last post owing  some personal reasons 🙂 .And,I am deeply sorry about it.So, the warmth of sun is back on us in North India.The weather is extremely hot to bear thus for this crazy atmosphere to keep up with the makeup ,these bare to minimum eyeliner looks will sure be a thumbs up (Y) :*

1.  chic-kitten eye

Start with thinly lining  your top lashline and extend it outwards softly creating a baby-cat eye look or kitten eye 😉 .It will be very light on your eyes and will give you a chic look.


2. Double line

If you are a pro at classing winged-eye then this will be very easy for you and even if not a pro,then also one can master it with some few practice strokes.All you got to do is to start from the center corner of your lower lashline and line it till end corner and then create a parallel line to the top winged line.


3.The Outer “V” look

In this look,you have to line the top lashline just upto the corner and the line your lower lashline starting from the center of your eye to the corner and extend it to join with the top line creating a ‘V’ look.To get the more edge ,you can smudge the lower line towards the outwards a little bit .:)



P.S. I will try to add pictures of mine wearing these looks soon . 🙂

My 1st Ever Beauty Giveaway! MAC & Clinique Prizes! |OPEN

Wonderful giveaway ! 🙂



I promised that i’d do a beauty giveaway when I reach 500 followers on my blog and 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel. I managed to hit that target a couple of days ago, so here it is!



**This giveaway is open internationally and will close on Sunday 5th July, 2015 at 11:59 PM**


First of all, thank you so much to every individual who has followed me and liked & commented on my posts; I always appreciate every single one of them!


(yes, really)



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Green Mornings ! (Review of Organic Harvest 3in1 face wash and toner)

Greetings ! 🙂 Holaaaaa 😀

How are you lovely people out there? :* Recently,I gave a thought to change my skincare products and switch to a different brand as I don’t use a same product for a very long time since they stop showing results after time being.So,this time a a mini haul from Organic Harvest  which is claims to be an natural,organic and paraben free brand,mineral oil and Animal ingredients.


I got myself Organic Harvest 3-in-1 Face Wash with Paraben Free and Organic Harvest Green Coconut Cucumber Toner.

I will review each one of them individually 🙂

1. Organic Harvest Green Coconut Cucumber Toner :


Claims to hydrate and cool your skin,well it actually does hydrate it but the cooling sensation wears off as soon as you apply it.It has a very pleasing smell of freshness.I have used this toner for about 2 weeks now and it has actually worked great for my oily skin as it has visibly minimized the chances of appearances of pores and has moisturized my skin.

It is hygienic and can be used while travelling.Light in use and does not dry out your skin ,helps in revitalizing it by proving hydration to skin.It is actually available for Normal and Dry skin but works fine for Oily skin too.


Packaging :

It comes in an all white plastic bottle with nozzle for spray.The bottle looks pretty elegant.

Price: ₹365 for 100ml

Shelf life : 2 years


2.Organic Harvest 3-in-1 Face Wash with Paraben Free


This face wash is said to be natural and chemical free product which made me want to try this in first place as I really like to use organic and natural skin care products.It requires a little amount at a time to cleanse your face.This 3 in 1 formula suggests to cleanses,scrubs and prvodes whitening to your skin. I found my skin soft , supple and effectively clear after washing my face with it,so I am using it regularly in my night routine of CTM.It aslo brings great freshness to my skin.It has a little beads which helps in scrubbing.

Packaging :

It comes in a dark-green plastic tube with flip-on cover though I won’t suggest for you to carry it while travelling since it becomes lose after a while.


Price : ₹395 for 100 ml

Shelf Life : 2 years

20150622_15141920150622_15141320150622_151437 20150622_151512

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250 Followers Giveaway: Win a Mac Lipstick of Your Choice!

Beauty by Gigi

Hi guys! I’m so excited to announce that I have reached 250 followers! 😀 Eeeek! Thank you so much to anyone who reads my blog – I absolutely love the blogging community, everyone is so supportive of each other and it makes me so happy!

I have decided to hold an international giveaway to celebrate this, so you can win one Mac lipstick of your choice by entering! I have seen this type of giveaway before and think it’s a great idea, as you can choose any shade you like and tailor the giveaway to suit you! This giveaway will be open for a month, so until July 20th 2015 at midday.


Here’s how to enter:

1. Follow Beautybygigi, like and reblog this post

2. For an extra entry (this one’s optional), follow me on Instagram @gigihanick

3. Comment below telling me you have entered – if you have completed…

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Iraya -Eye Contour Gel ( Orange Candy )

20150612_110323 Hey guys ! 🙂 I am back with a review of an eye contour gel from Iraya .It is an Manjistha Eye Contour Gel as Manjistha is considered to be one of the most valuable/usable herbs in Ayurveda which helps in preventing many health problems and is also used in various skin care products around the globe. 20150612_105849 As with the time speeding up and with all the work in our life ,we tend to ignore our health and regime .Eyes are the most delicate part of our face and without a second thought it is also the most striking feature of the face,thus our eyes needs their own routine of healthy nourishment and care.Since I suffer from huge dark-circles around my eyes,I have a stocked up bundles of eye contour gels and eye replenishing creams which I’ll put up on a blog soon for review 🙂 Product description: This time I am currently using Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel which claims to reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine lines around the eyes in a gel based form.It is made up from the extracts of Indian madder (manjishta) and lavender essential oil, helps cool the eye area, reduce puffiness and swelling, and minimize dark circles and fine lines and easy to apply which gives you a younger looking skin. 20150612_12133620150612_121520 Price: It is available in 20 grams for ₹395. Shelf Life : It can be stored for 2 years Packaging: It comes in a cute jar made of matte-finish glass which gives you a hazy vision of gel inside the bottle with a silver screw type of top/cap. This gel has a mild refreshing aroma which fades very soon with an application of it. Qualities which I liked :

  • It is light textured and has a runny consistency that gets absorbed completely into skin after massaging gently around the eyes.
  • hydrates my eye area very well that gives my eyes a nourished and hydrated look.
  • Provides cooling sensation on applying
  • reduces puffiness, swelling  and soothes tired eyes but wont suggest it as a remedy for dark-circles.
  • Doesn’t cause any irritation in the eyes.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • free from harmful chemicals.
  • Is not very expensive

20150612_12142720150612_121443 Cons of the product:

  • Only suitable for reducing puffiness ,wont work on minimizing fine-lines
  • Because glass-jar is easy to breakage which makes it less travel friendly.

I will say this product didn’t gave good results in comparison to the other brands available in the market. 20150612_12141520150612_121324 You can also find me at: Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Business/PR Enquiries –