Flared Jeans are back for Spring 2015

Heyya..! Today’s post is how spring 2015 is all about a ’70s silhouette,especially when it comes to the denims.That’s right fellas ,flare jeans are back.


Check out ,Victoria Beckham sporting it twice this season.And yup,It was not only her but also ,Miranda kerr was spoted wearing the pair.

This time the modern version of flared jeans is more sophiticated than what it was earlier.

Flared jeans aren’t as easy to wear,they almost require heels to fit in properly,this added height is also what makes the denim trend super slimming and undoubtedly flattering which will also make your legs look super long *wink*.The whole point of flares is to actually create a long and lean silhouette.

You can try these different style of Flared Jeans:

245997140High-waisted styles:

The ideal way to wear flares is in high-waisted form to help you best show off those sexy curves.

Light Washed Flared Jeans 248118340

Go for fitted if you´re curvy or you can go for loose-fitting tee if you´re slim.

Well ,I am gonna get myself one.How about you? 🙂



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