My 5 Best Pick for Lip Balms this Summer

Its very essential and a part of life to carry lip balms and keep our pouts *wink* hydrated! Now there won’t be any girl who dont use lip balms.Instead I too keep on rubbing them throughout the day as my lips are so chapped and dry.So,here are my personal 5 picks for the season to keep your lips soft and hydrated for long.


1.Avon naturals strawberry lip balm.

This is my best lip balm till date for its application is soo smooth and its moistures the lips immediately wth keeping them hydrated for long.Only thing is ,its so yummy and delicious that I keep eating it of my lips.Besides,it also has a lovely fragrance.


2. Maybelline โ€“ Baby Lips

Also a loved one.Using it since many years and it also became much loved lip balm when was introduced into the country.Texture is thick but they glide like butter and are very moisturizing. They also come with SPF 20.


3. Lotus Lip balm

This lip balm comes in a cute mini transparent bottle. It is quite handy which can be carried easily while travelling.It is smooth,light with medium consistency and gives a glow to the lips and stays for few hours.


4.Nivea โ€“Lip Balm

These lip balms aslo come in wonderful tints and fragrances. Not only these lip balms moisturize lips but also gives lovely colour the the lips and a glossy finish.Also they have a pretty long stay for 4-5 hours.

3-Fruity-Shine-Strawberry_2014.ashxAlso ,there is a lipbalm which gives the same finish as these but is not tinted.


5.The Body Shop Born Lippy Passion Berry Lip Balm

These ones are soft and very fresh to use it for this summer.They smell heavenily of passionfruits and that why again they taste so stay for around 2-3 hours before re-application.It gives a moisturized look but does not really leave any colour.


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