5 Ways for Quick dry of Nail Paint

Nail paints quickly dry when it encounters the cool temperature so here are few tips for a quick dry of your manicure.

1.Placing your hand in a bowl full of ice water


Fill your bowl with cubes of ice.
Add some water to it.
Then place your nails gently into the water and Voila! your nails are good to go as the icy cold water will help to set your nail paint fast.

2.Place your hand into the freezer.


Just like ice-cold water ,this one is also an awesome trick to quick dry.

3.Using a hair dryer


Be careful to set your hair dryer at the coolest settings as heat from the dryer will work opposite to the desires.

4.Applying a quick dry top coat


This is the conventional but yet most useful technique for quick and finished look of the nails.

5.cooking spray


well Misting your nails with a cooking spray works great for quickly drying off your nail paint.



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