May FabBag (Review)

Heyya! 🙂

Its been long since last post *phew*..well that was all because of my exams.Yep,as they are done now ,so I am back to blogging..yayy,And what can be better than putting the post about my May FabBag which I happened to receive yesterday.

May FabBag!

Well this month’s theme is Sun,Sand and Sexy! And what better can be the way of illustrating it than sending all the summer and beach essentials. Kudos to the team for executing it wonderfully! :*

This month’s bag is full of :

1. Be A Bombshell The One Stick
2. Vana Vidhi Oriental Rice Paddy Luxurious Face & Body Scrub
3. SAnd for soapaholics Face Puree
4. Fab Bag Bonus Scarf

You can get one for yourself at Click here


I really liked their bag this time,its blue which brings sort of coolness in this hot weather.And since I am a big Lipstick freak,this Bombshell Onestick has totally awed me .The good part is I got it in my favorable shade of pink :D.An all-in-one multiple stick with a smooth texture.It can be applied as lipstick,blush or a eye shadow.


The bonus scarf came in a pretty pouch ,again which is of my colour but I am not very happy with the scarf that I received.Neither I liked its colour ,moreover it is little rough in texture.


Sand for soapaholics face puree offers a freshness to face after its application ,inspired by home remedies ,it is natural and skin -friendly.Also it is great for tan removal.


The one thing which took me off was the same type of two different products which I belive should have been taken care of while cutomising it.As VANA VIDHI oriental rice paddy face and body scrub is again same as to Sand face puree.Though It is smoother and more organic and can also be applied as a body scrub.


All in all ,this bag is actually sexy for its onestick ,Sandy for the scrubs, and sunny to scarf!

Have a great day! :*

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