Go Green

On this World Environment Day which is celebrated every year at 5 June,I reflected back upon our mother Earth and observed how we humans have snatched and exploited the resources around us provided by nature.The recent earthquakes occurred in Nepal and northern states of India was a way of citing the agitation of earth or nature. IMG_0602

As I look back,the greenery has vanished ,oceans have dried up and a worst stage has taken up of more wants and fewer resources.

Love & Joy resting in mother nature Earth

Yes,this very day few percentage of people come forward to plant saplings around them in order to increase greenery but at this moment what it requires is that we understand that right now we don’t are not left with any greenery with all new buildings taking their place so not with an incentive of increasing but to rebuild our environment ,we don’t come together just for a day instead we should try to plant a sapling every month to build and regain our lost greenery . IMG_0251 Few lines delineating my heart :

Born around lush greenery

Philandering and Fooling near leafy tress

Enkindled by dew on grassy garden

Now seeking solace in arid world

-Archita Agarwal


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