100-20188-000_dtI am an ardent lover of H2O products,they provide me with great results 🙂 .This time I got myself a H2O AQUALIBRIUM DUAL-ACTION EYE MAKEUP REMOVER ,which consists of gentle and delicate ingredients that help me to remove my eye make-up without any harsh rubbing of tissues around my eyes.

20150608_091042 20150608_091205

It only requires a little dab on the cotton pad to remove the make-up,the water kinds of  penetrates the surface layers of the skin to hydrate it , thus it doesn’t irritate the eyes but it is too greasy leaves a film behind so you have to wash your face afterwards.

20150608_091159 20150608_091121

It is best to shake it before use and this one bottle is pretty long lasting as it requires a very little amount and if it is a light make-up then whosshh it is cleaned in simple one swipe .:)


I found it an average buy, considering the price of the product .

The bottle of H2O Plus Aqualibrium Dual Action Eye Make-up Remover for 120 ml is at ₹ 1,050

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