Green Mornings ! (Review of Organic Harvest 3in1 face wash and toner)

Greetings ! 🙂 Holaaaaa 😀

How are you lovely people out there? :* Recently,I gave a thought to change my skincare products and switch to a different brand as I don’t use a same product for a very long time since they stop showing results after time being.So,this time a a mini haul from Organic Harvest  which is claims to be an natural,organic and paraben free brand,mineral oil and Animal ingredients.


I got myself Organic Harvest 3-in-1 Face Wash with Paraben Free and Organic Harvest Green Coconut Cucumber Toner.

I will review each one of them individually 🙂

1. Organic Harvest Green Coconut Cucumber Toner :


Claims to hydrate and cool your skin,well it actually does hydrate it but the cooling sensation wears off as soon as you apply it.It has a very pleasing smell of freshness.I have used this toner for about 2 weeks now and it has actually worked great for my oily skin as it has visibly minimized the chances of appearances of pores and has moisturized my skin.

It is hygienic and can be used while travelling.Light in use and does not dry out your skin ,helps in revitalizing it by proving hydration to skin.It is actually available for Normal and Dry skin but works fine for Oily skin too.


Packaging :

It comes in an all white plastic bottle with nozzle for spray.The bottle looks pretty elegant.

Price: ₹365 for 100ml

Shelf life : 2 years


2.Organic Harvest 3-in-1 Face Wash with Paraben Free


This face wash is said to be natural and chemical free product which made me want to try this in first place as I really like to use organic and natural skin care products.It requires a little amount at a time to cleanse your face.This 3 in 1 formula suggests to cleanses,scrubs and prvodes whitening to your skin. I found my skin soft , supple and effectively clear after washing my face with it,so I am using it regularly in my night routine of CTM.It aslo brings great freshness to my skin.It has a little beads which helps in scrubbing.

Packaging :

It comes in a dark-green plastic tube with flip-on cover though I won’t suggest for you to carry it while travelling since it becomes lose after a while.


Price : ₹395 for 100 ml

Shelf Life : 2 years

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