Eyeliner This Summer

Hey fellas! 🙂

It has been a really long time since my last post owing  some personal reasons 🙂 .And,I am deeply sorry about it.So, the warmth of sun is back on us in North India.The weather is extremely hot to bear thus for this crazy atmosphere to keep up with the makeup ,these bare to minimum eyeliner looks will sure be a thumbs up (Y) :*

1.  chic-kitten eye

Start with thinly lining  your top lashline and extend it outwards softly creating a baby-cat eye look or kitten eye 😉 .It will be very light on your eyes and will give you a chic look.


2. Double line

If you are a pro at classing winged-eye then this will be very easy for you and even if not a pro,then also one can master it with some few practice strokes.All you got to do is to start from the center corner of your lower lashline and line it till end corner and then create a parallel line to the top winged line.


3.The Outer “V” look

In this look,you have to line the top lashline just upto the corner and the line your lower lashline starting from the center of your eye to the corner and extend it to join with the top line creating a ‘V’ look.To get the more edge ,you can smudge the lower line towards the outwards a little bit .:)



P.S. I will try to add pictures of mine wearing these looks soon . 🙂


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